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Hinkley Point: Nuclear Power Station & nuclear Weapons

Hinkley Point: Nuclear Power Station & nuclear Weapons

British nuclear power station "Hinkley Point"
The nuclear power station “Hinkley Point” near Bridgwater, Somerset, on the southwest coast of England consists of two active reactors (Hinkley Point B1, Hinkley Point B2) and two reactors which have been closed down (A1, A2).
Two additional reactors (Hinkley Point C) are planned.

Approval of the British Government and estimated costs
On 15 th of September 2016, the British Government gave his approval to the nuclear power station project called “Hinkley Point C”. This project should be realized, declares the minister of energy Greg Clark.
The nuclear power station, on the west coast of England should consist of two additional reactors of the type European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR).
Earlier estimates assumed costs about 21.5 billion euros (18.7 billion pounds).
One-third of this project should be financed by the Chinese partner China Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN). The French energy company EDF pays the rest.

The nuclear lobby is going to make a big deal
The British government guarantees over 35 years an electricity feed-in price of 92.5 pounds (38 euros) per megawatt hour and an annual inflation compensation.
On the European electricity stock markets, one megawatt hour costs (in winter 2016) 33 pounds (38 euros).
If the prices for electricity made in “Hinkley Point” wouldn´t be so high, the project “Hinkley Pint C” wouldn´t be profitable.
Up to now, anti-nuclear power organisations only substantiated their criticism towards nuclear power stations with ecological arguments. But in this case, even the economic perspective portrays the disadvantages of nuclear power.
Unfortunately, in Hinkley Point, the nuclear lobby is going to make a big deal.

"Hinkley Point C" as a military project
According to latest reports of the British University of Sussex on “Hinkley Point C“, this project isn´t only intended to supply electricity to British households. Actually, “Hinkley Point C” seems to be a military project, which is important for the renovation of the nuclear submarine fleet “Trident”.

Axel Mayer, BUND-Regionalverband Südlicher Oberrhein (Friends of the Earth Germany)

Translation: Leon Sander

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