TTIP & Greed? NO!! Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership US-EU: Open doors for genetically modified food, hormone meat, social dumping and US corporations?

TTIP & Greed? NO!! Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership US-EU: Open doors for genetically modified food, hormone meat, social dumping and US corporations?

While the environmental and nature protection works on details the nature destructors care about the big picture. How comes that you can hardly hear the voices of the environmental movement concerning the relevant topic of the free trade agreement? We are in danger to loose all the ecological progress we made in the recent decades.
Axel Mayer, chief executive BUND Freiburg (

President Obama, EU President of the Council Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso
announced already in February 2013 in a common statement that they are going to start negotiations about a transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The three presidents emphasized: “The transatlantic economic relations are already the biggest worldwide and represent half of the world economy. That is adequate to one trillion dollars in goods and facilities and generates millions of jobs.” The European and the American board of trades insist on quick rapprochement while the US-Secret Service NSA spies out the European Union. The commission and the US-Government plan to start with the negotiations in June 2013 to finish them in the end of 2014. There is a lot of hectic work going in the background, but where are the loud and critical voices of the big environmental associations and NGOs?

Fill a sausage casing with wood shavings and write “growth and jobs” on it. Almost every single German politician is going to bite. A single bite would be acceptable. However, most of our politicians do not seem to be capable to learn, so they repeat old mistakes again and again. The latest sausage is called “Free trade agreement”, but it is not only filled with woods shavings, but with genetically modified food, hormone meat and social dumping …

The USA and Europe want to create the biggest free trade zone of the world
and all the media, which still believes in the myth of “unlimited growth in limited systems” is cheering. However, free trade between the States and Europe also means open doors for genetically modified food, hormone meat, more cruel working conditions and more might and power for the corporations. It is all about the “adjustment of standards” and since these standards are not going to improve, we have a big problem. The European Union improved in the latest decades the rights of workers and consumers because of permanent pressure from trade unions and environmental associations. In the USA the politic is even more ruled by the economy than it is the case in Europe. A free trade agreement brings the risk that consumer rights and environmental laws are going to be a weakened or abolished. The WDR Rundfunkrat fears fatale consequences for the media and the freedom of information. Do we really want that our economic system is getting close to the economic system of the US? Free trade can also lead to inhumane and environmental harmful deregulations.
The recent spy actions of the American Secret Service NSA could also be a reason to cancel the negotiations.

Culture is a commodity?!
“It is really important for Europe to see culture not as a commodity but to encourage our own culture and media products, especially the online development, with a smart regulating protection to safe the future of the European cultural diversity.” Helga Trüpel, Member in the culture committee of the green EFA fraction.

The free trade agreement
is also criticized by web activists. The demands for stronger rights on intellectual property are the reason to fear the same regulation rules that were already criticized in ACTA.

One thing should be clarified.
If we go into a future where Europe is lead more and more by economical interests, if we go into a future where Europe is less and less a Europe formed by people and regions, than we go into a future where we destroy ourselves. We want a sustainable Europe of the people and not Europe of corporations and environmental destruction. Environmental protection, sustainability, a European Energiewende and consumer rights create jobs. The European standards should be strengthened and not weakened.
Redundant tariffs, bureaucratic barriers to progress and real superfluous regulations should and could be reduced with a free trade agreement.

Environmental movement, social movement and unions have to discuss intensely the topic of free trade and transatlantic trade and investment partnership. If possible, they have to take up position together as soon as possible. Together we have to care about that environmental protection, sustainability and working conditions are not sacrificed for a destructive free trade and neoliberalism.

Axel Mayer, chief executive BUND Freiburg

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Trump, Freihandel und wir

Der Milliardär, Umweltzerstörer und Klimawandelleugner , ein Gegner des Freihandels, der sich Folter durchaus vorstellen kann, wurde am 20. Januar 2017 als neuer US-Präsident vereidigt. Seine Wahl in der Millionärsdemokratie USA drückt unglaublich perfekt den herrschenden Zeitgeist und den höchsten der westlichen Werte, die GIER, aus.
Unsere "wahren Werte sind Warenwerte".

Ein Teil der veröffentlichten Kritik an Trump kommt aber nicht von DemokratInnen sondern von neoliberalen Freihandelslobbyisten, deren eigenes Giermodell von Trump gefährdet wird. Sie schaffen es, in der veröffentlichten Meinung die schrankenlose Freiheit der Konzerne mit der Freiheit der Menschen gleichzusetzen. Doch wachsende soziale Ungleichheit, Konzerne die fast keine Steuern zahlen und die Folgen der globalen Deregulierung führten erst dazu, dass Menschen wie Trump an die Macht kamen. Und beide konkurrierenden Giermodelle setzten auf zutiefst zerstörerisches, unbegrenztes Wachstum im begrenzten System Erde. Einer der Hauptgründe für die globale Krise ist die global unbegrenzte Expansion des westlichen Konsumismus, der immer deutlicher an seine natürlichen Grenzen stößt und unter anderem Artensterben und Klimawandel verursacht. Die Umweltbewegung steht für eine nachhaltige, menschen- und umweltfreundliche Globalisierung in der die großen Konzerne so viel Steuern zahlen wie der Bäcker um die Ecke.
Es gibt viel zu tun...
Axel Mayer

Der kleine BUND am Südlichen Oberrhein beschäftigt sich intensiv mit dem Themenkomplex Freihandel. Wir haben TTIP-Buttons, Banner und Postkarten produziert und schalten bezahlte Zeitungsanzeigen zu diesem wichtigen Thema.